Wide Boyz II - Slender Gentlemen

TICKETS - online at The Showroom or call Box Office 0114 275 7727
TIME / DATES: WORLD PREMIERE fri 4 April 21.00 | part of climb films 1: SAT 5 April 16.30 & SUN 6 April 17.00

DiffModellingGoodieBagWith introduction by the filmmakers from Hot Aches and followed by Q&A with climbers Tom and Pete and FREE GOODIE BAG including a Rab Beanie hat, a Five Ten bandana, a Wide Boyz Poster, Hot Aches sticker, Clif Bar, Climb On, Ellis Brigham catalogue.  (Modelled here by film director Paul Diffley!)

In 2009, The WideBoyz (aka Peak District climbers Tom Randall & Pete Whittaker) came up with a plan to climb the world's hardest offwidth crack in America. They had little experience and no real track record of wide crack climbing, but within 2 years they'd accomplished their goal through a mixture of unique training devices, gruelling workout regimes and shear bloody mindedness.  This year they have decided to slim the size down from the widest cracks in the world to the thinnest!

Wide Boyz I scooped the top two spots in our Best Climbing Film category last year for the long and short edit. 

Can't make the premiere?  Don't worry, there's another chance to see the film in our special Climb 1 sessions. 

Like this? Check out the Wide Boyz Lecture - they'll will let you into their secrets, motivations and stories encountered along the way to the final showdown in Canada. 

Duration: 45 minutes
Producer: HotAches
Director: Paul Diffley & Chris Prescott
Year: 2014
Nationality: British
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