The Sufferfest

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Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright go on a road trip 'Alpine Style, Dirt Bag Minimalist Style', attempting to free solo climb all the 14,000 ft Californian peaks in free solo AND cycling to each of them in three weeks.

They may both be pro climbers but neither of them have ever road cycled before and having underestimated the scope of the challenge, Alex and Cedar soon spiral down a rabbit hole of sunburn, suffering, and a seemingly endless test of their mental and physical endurance.  As they put it, it's "The worst trip of our lives!"

'The Sufferfest' is a really refreshing watch - a rare combination of serious talent not taking itself too seriously with laugh out loud moments as well as real tension.  Anyone who loves adventure sport will identify with the concept of 'Type 2 Fun' - the sort that's fun when it's done.

Duration: 18 minutes
Producer: Cedar Wright
Director: Cedar Wright
Year: 2013
Nationality: USA
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